What is So Attractive about Virtual Phone Extensions?


A virtual business number can be an attractive option for businesses who need their calls to go directly to the person they’ve called without going through a receptionist. However, there are a few things to consider before making your decision.

This post will cover what's so attractive about having a virtual phone extension and what you need to do if you want one. It will also discuss why this might be a good option for your business if it suits your needs and some other types of extensions that you can use.

Beneficial Facts for People –

  • You Can Have Multiple Extensions to Suit Your Business Needs.

You can even opt for custom-branded extensions that spell out your company name or include your logo. With a virtual phone system and Virtual PBX, you're not restricted to the number of extensions available; there are no limits as long as you want them.


  • You Can be Accessible from Anywhere at Any Time.

Not only can you be reached 24/7, but you can take calls from any phone you want. So, for example, if your office is open from 9 am to 5 pm, but your employees work from home and want to contact you, you can make yourself available to them at any time.


  • You Don't Need Expensive Equipment and a High-Speed Connection.

When you have a virtual phone system from a leading telecoms provider, you don't need to spend thousands on particular hardware or internet connection to get your business set up. Instead, all you need is a telephone and PBX access; everything else is included.

Factors Noticed by Companies –

  • Running Cost

The first thing that businesses notice about business phone extensions is how much they can save on the running cost of their phone lines. Without an expensive landline, there are no lease fees, maintenance costs or additional taxes associated with having a virtual extension.


  • Reduce Cost

Virtual phone extensions can also reduce costs by cutting unnecessary calls to the main phone line. Not only will you be able to make and receive calls from a range of different extensions that are linked to the same system, but you could also save money by encouraging staff to use email first.


  • Array of Features

The other cost-cutting option that businesses notice is the vast array of features you get with virtual phone extensions. With advanced features like auto-attendant, voicemail, advanced call distribution and call tracking, you can easily track your incoming and outgoing calls and measure performance.


  • Prevent Accidental Calls

You can also prevent unnecessary calls with multiple extensions by not displaying the main number when people call your office. Instead, they'll be presented with a menu where they can select an extension number of their choice.


  • Affordable Investment

Furthermore, it's an affordable investment compared to getting a new landline installed to accommodate the business call volume. The only cost incurred is the IP telephony software and access at a one-off fee.

The mentioned ones are some of the major factors that make voip extension most attractive to people and companies. Once you understand the factors, it will help you get the best understanding with no doubts involved.